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How we ensure real-time support during COVID-19

Imagine you’re looking for cardboard paper tubes or cores, and surfing through a few of the manufacturers’ websites. You like the product range of one of the manufacturers but want some of your queries to get answered before you make up your mind. You hover over to the “contact us” section, find out the vendor’s email address, send them an email. While the seller gets back to you with an answer, which often takes quite a long time, a few more queries pop up in your mind and you write another email just to make the response time even longer.

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Now imagine the above is happening in post-COVID19 time. The world is doing most of the business activities online, asking their staff members to work from home. Half of the team might be on furlough, or short working. Working from home does not mean the business can afford to get slower. In fact, with less distractions at home compared to the office, the businesses expect all the communication to work faster and smoother than the pre-COVID19 period.

To solve this, you need to go for a manufacturer who boasts a wide range of products, including the cardboard tubes you’re looking for, who can ensure the highest quality within an affordable price tag, and someone who is keen to respond to your queries within the shortest possible time.

Communication is key: Just Paper Tubes has a reputation for the quickest response time within the industry. We feature website live-chat, 24/7 over-the-phone, Whatsapp for Business, and email support. Whether you’re on our website, surfing through our product categories, and sending us a message using built-in live-chat, or dialling our landline number for a quick chat, we’re always on our toes with a quick response. You'll still speak to the same JPT team as before, whether they are at home or in the office.

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Our first core value is simple and straight forward: “the customer matters most!” We developed all our business strategies and communication channels keeping our customers in the centre. Hence, we put paramount emphasis on your positive experience during each stage of interactions with us. As cardboard tubes experts, we realise that customers want to communicate in different ways, so pick the best for you.

To talk a bit in statistics, 33% of web-based prospect customers prefer to be able to chat from the website with the vendors. 73% of the users put website live-chat option over any other communication media, and only 44% prefer a direct call communication. Keeping all of that in mind, we’ve decided to keep all the available options open for our valued clients to decide. But whatever you choose, we ensure the quickest response, any time of the day.

Being a leading B2B & B2C cardboard tube manufacturer in the UK, we keep all sorts of paper core products including industrial cores, carpet cores, textile cores, postal & mailing tubes, transit packaging tubes, flexible film cores, label cores, and tape cores, in our stock readily available. So, whatever specification you’re looking for, there’s a high chance that we have that ready to be shipped at our warehouse. But we know, you would like to get reassurance from us, and that’s where our 24/7, all-out communication channels come handy.

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Reading this, you might not think its necessary, but you'd be surprised how many of our customers contact us outside of office hours. 9 to 5 just doesn't exist anymore for our customers, so that's why we've adapted to meet your needs. If a massive order has come in on Saturday lunchtime and you need some cardboard tubes by Tuesday, how much better will you feel if you get re-assurance from your supplier that its possible?

At JPT, we want to make your interactions with us as seamless as possible. As the world of business is going to change in the post-pandemic period, we’ve kept ourselves equipped to take up the challenge. Don't wait til monday morning to contact us.


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