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Transit Packaging Cores

transit packaging tubes
environmentally friendly postal tubes for mailing
storage tubes

Just Paper Tubes produced over 1 million Packaging Cores in 2023, making JPT the UK’s leading supplier in the packaging core market.

cardboard tubes



19.4 mm to 254 mm INNER DIAMETER


1.5, 3, 5, 8, 10 mm


8 mm to 2000 mm


19.4, 25.4, 38.5, 44.8, 76.6 and 153.5 mm

packaging tubes













A survey says that businesses find the transit period most vulnerable for a product during purchase and installation. If you’re a manufacturer or a retailer, you must have had the same experience with product transportation. To make transit convenient and safe, Just Paper Tubes has been manufacturing transit packaging cores for the UK market for more than 30 years. We put paramount importance in making the customer at the core of everything we do. Since we use recycled cardboard papers for raw materials, we not only claim our transit cores to be a convenient but environment-friendly packaging solution.


Raw Materials


At JPT, we take great care while sourcing raw materials for any of our products. Transit packaging cores, as you can imagine go on rough journeys. JPT’s are made out of the highest quality cardboard papers to withstand the harshest transit through carrier’s supply chains. The caps make the transit tubes more solid and protect your products from any external threat.


We have probably made postal tubes for your product before, so we are more than willing to share our expertise to fix your product damage issue. Many companies got in touch with us during COVID-19 lockdown as all their sales were internet base and shipping damage became a lot more of an issue.   With the industry-leading production capacity, we can help you with transit packaging tubes for virtually any applications.

Our packaging cores can help you transit products like curtain track systems, wooden bedding trims or metal angle bedding. As you know, if any of these products lose shape due to a rough transit, your customers may not be able to use them. If you even can bring them to shape, it calls for a huge effort, either way it’s going to lead to a credit note or a dissatisfied customer. Our transit packaging tubes from JPT, hence, ensure safety for these category products during bumpy transit.

Again, JPT transit packaging cores can be a good option for point of sale (POS) display transportation. POS displays are generally built for temporary use, hence not sturdy. You’ve usually spent a lot of money getting the POS printed, so you want to get them to your stores and retailers with any damage. We manufacture transit cores for POS display keeping all of that in mind.


JPT packaging cores are a good option for textile packaging transit. We manufacture high-quality cores for both industrial and non-industrial use. Whatever your purpose is- carrying textile packaging from production house to your factory or factory to retailers- JPT has the best transit packaging solution for you.  We’ve worked with some of the most famous stately homes in the UK to help them transport their fabrics for restoration with no transit damage, for items which are priceless.

Our packaging cores are also a great solution for the transit of products like print roller, flooring trims, fishing rods or format printing. These products are generally long but thin. Keeping them organized during transit is a big challenge. Transit packaging tubes that we manufacture are designed to face all these challenges and provide you a tension-free transit experience for your products.

Customer Service


JPT has a reputation for during and post-sale customer service. We guarantee that our products stand out in quality and durability among our competitors. Still, if you have any post-sale query or want us to look into any issue you’re facing with other products, our team of experts is happy to help. A cardboard tube might be the solution to your in transit damage issues. We aim at building long-term relationships with our clients and believe customer service is one way of attaining that.


We know you want a safe transit for your products. Damages during transit can threaten your reputation in the market. Just Paper Tubes is always there to help in your business growth with the best quality transit packaging cores.

In 2018 we commissioned our massive purpose-built core-drying unit, unique in the UK, which enables us to provide higher quality cores whilst reducing lead times, for you, our Customer.

White, Brown, Printed liners and specialised solutions available.

All backed up by our 24 hours a day production and our ISO’s in Quality and Environmental.

Next day delivery or Same day collection.

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