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Why should JPT be your trusted Cardboard Tubes Supplier?

Why should JPT be your trusted Cardboard Tubes Supplier?

Question 1: How does JPT really listen to your customers?

Answer: We know nothing is more effective to improve the service or product quality than listening to our customers. So, we make sure to listen to them, understand their packaging needs/concerns and provide them precise solutions. We know every customer is different, and so is their requirements. Therefore, we ensure to respond them quickly, patiently and positively.

Question 2: What are our technical skills and capabilities?

Answer: At Just Paper Tubes, we not only manufacture cardboard tubes or packaging but also possess good technical knowledge of products, how our production facilities work, and in many cases how your machines can run most effectively. Our team of experts is highly expertise and keep themselves updated with the new technologies in the cardboard tube industry to stay on top as industry leaders.

Question 3: What criteria we follow to provide on-site support regarding cardboard tubes and other products?

Answer: When it comes to on-site support, our customer service is just a call away. Our quick on-site visits diagnose issues that customers are encountering and assist them. From tape cores, label cores, to other bespoke packaging products, we provide instant on-site assistance. For us, our all customers are equal; regardless of size and we provide the same speed of on-site assistance to solve their queries. Its one of the biggest feedback we receive from our recently acquired customers is that we are always willing to visit and spend time working with our customers, unlike our competitors.

Question 4: How we focus on our customer’s needs?

Answer: We follow our customer first strategy! “The Customer Matters Most”. No customer is big or small for us. We assist all our customers in product packaging and other innovations to meet their needs. We spend time understanding their products, needs and with our Research and Development, we help them to develop strategies, meeting the future needs of our customers. If your current packaging solution is failing you, I’m pretty sure we can come up with a solution that will work every time.

Question 5: How fast is our customer support?

Answer: We respond to emails within 10 minutes. To reach us instantly, we also provide other means of communications like telephone, live chat, and social media. Our response time is quick. You can call us anytime as we operate 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Question 6: How do you build and grow your relationships with customers?

Answer: We follow a simple working process. We start from understanding the products of our customers along with the process they follow within your organisation. After understanding all of the operations, we work together with our clients and provide them with the right cardboard cores and cardboard tubes solutions. We never make promises we can’t keep and work to provide a smooth transfer from your existing supplier to us.

Question 7: Does our sales team push our products, or get our customers to sign into contracts or agreements?

Answer: No! Our sales team can provide you great assistance in selling your product, but we don’t push for a sell, or try and get you into a sourcing agreement that binds you. Our expertise is only in cardboard tubes and cardboard cores manufacturing. We will show you why you want to stay with us, not by an agreement or a contract, but the consistent service and quality we will demonstrate on every order of cardboard tubes you place with us.

Question 8: Do our sales team work on targets?

Answer: No. We understand setting a business takes time, patience, trust and we are respect this. We want to build long term business relationships, not a short term sale just to hit a figure.

Question 9: What about our pricing?

Answer: We know one of the secrets for a successful business is pricing product correctly. So, our main focus is to provide high-quality cardboard tubes without breaking your bank!


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