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Why are Cardboard Tubes a Better Packaging Choice than Plastic?

If you are looking for the best ways to make your product stands apart, one of the most important aspects you should consider is the – packaging. Get it wrong and the results could be devastating. After all, first impression is everything nowadays. Perhaps, with so many packaging options out there, choosing one can be quite challenging.

Most people often get confused between cardboard tubes and plastic. Some people prefer cardboard tubes and for some plastic is a great option. A great packaging can create a big impression of any product or brand. However, talking about facts, the cardboard tube is considered as one of the most versatile products for many brands and industries. It is suitable for both explosives as well as for food packaging.

So, without further delay, lets discuss in more detail – why cardboard tubes are a better packaging choice than plastic.


Compared to plastic, more than 80% of cardboard tubes are recycled in the UK. This is the highest rate compared to any other packaging material. Within the time period of 14 days, cardboard can be manufactured, used, gathered as well as recycled, resulting in new cardboard tubes again. As it came from a tree, which is a sustainable natural product, it can be recycled again and again.


Cardboard tubes are far less expensive than plastic tubes. These are easily available and you don’t have to spend a huge sum to buy these. You can buy them online in bulk from a leading eStore, depending on the size, weight, and your packaging needs and save money. But, when it comes to plastic tubes, they are quite expensive than cardboard packaging.

Easy storage solution

Whether you work in healthcare, retail or trade industry, cardboard tubes provide a portable and practical storage solution for a wide assortment of applications. These are the great way for storing posters, or paper roll from damage and dirt. They keep products secure and easily carry a wide assortment of heavyweight products as well.

Easy to customize

Depending upon the security needed, these tubes can be customized in preferred thickness as well as desired sizes. It keeps moisture away which is essential for any food item in order to withstand long shipping times.

Easy to use

The cardboard tubes are easy to use for customers as well as for industries. These are usually used to secure toilet papers, foils, and many other items. The item inside it will be safe and secure. These tubes provide a stable cushion that keeps contents safe during long-distance shipping, handling or transportation.

Wrapping the post

Undoubtedly, cardboard tube is one of the great alternatives to more traditional options, especially plastic. It delivers a highly convenient packaging choice for transporting long paper items like blueprints, posters, artwork or maps. Apart from being a great choice for sending and protecting items, these are eco-friendly that can be recycled and stored for later use.


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