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When JPT’s Quality Control System Really Matters When Rolling Your Valuble Product on.

When JPT’s Quality Control System Really Matters When Rolling Your Valuble Product on.

Industrial tubes happen to find massive utility in many aspects. Industrial Cores are sturdy cardboard tubes or cylinders used in wrapping textile, adhesive, electrical, paper products as well as in converting industries, where they are used to wrap materials for storage and distribution purposes.

Depending on the purpose for which the tubes or cores are to be used, the base material of paper tubes or cores tends to vary a lot. For example, if you are planning to wrap heavy materials such as long length fabrics, electrical material (wires, cables etc) or roofing membranes, then you’ll need core tubes that are made from heavy duty thick cardboard. On the other hand, for wrapping paper towels or toilet papers, the cores are made from lighter, thinner and less durable cardboard.

We make our industrial paper cores from wood pulp fibre, and depending on the durability and strength requirements, we combine an array of adhesives to make them sturdier. And that’s not all, we also make sure that our industrial tubes and cores provide good heat and water resistance if that’s what your requirements are.

We supply packing tubes and cores in a wide range of diameters, length and thickness. We understand the material wrapped around these tubes needs a robust and firm support from within, and thus we leave no stone unturned to make sure our cores offer unparalleled structural stability. We provide the right kind of cardboard cores that can withstand tremendous pressure which they are subjected to by the wrapped material.

We take special care in ensuring a uniform finishing to the cores and tubes so that the wrapped material does not incur wrinkles, knots or accidental tearing during packing and transit. To be honest, we are very particular about our quality and don’t want you to incur any loss pertaining to our product failure. We are known for our quality, and we would like to keep things that way. Call us today, we’ll be glad to be at your service.


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