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When a Paper Tube Company decides to go “Paperless”

What will be your reaction when you get to know that a particular paper tube company doesn’t use even a single piece of paper for their supply Chain management? Yes, the reaction would be a well-deserved awe! And no matter how difficult you find it to be true, JPT (Just Paper Tubes) have made it possible. As a matter of fact, it’s the ascman that has made it possible.

Ascman is a supply chain management solution specifically designed for roll-based, cores and flat sheet industries.

Getting the ISO 90001 certification didn’t happen by luck for JPT. It all begins with immaculate planning; keen attention to detail and above all, it revolves around looking for a supply chain management solution which handles everything from managing raw materials, placing orders, while offering amazing traceability and not to forget, stock counting.

And it didn’t happen overnight for JPT. Just the way they have always ensured only the best quality of final products delivered at the right time, they were in no mood to settle for any supply chain management system. They were looking for an SCM solution provider that was specifically designed for their niche, and after an extensive research, they came cross ascman. It’s been two years now that they are using this paperless system, and they are also constantly working on further developments with ascman so that they can deliver the highest quality products with amazing customer service, each and every time. Quality is a domain where JPT has never compromised.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes ascman the preferred choice for JPT:

All inclusive business modules: ascman takes special note of including each and every step of supply chain management; right from Sales order processing to planning, shop-floor control, inventory control, despatch, invoicing and management reporting.

  • The automated SCM modules also help in improving customer care experience.

  • Optimum productivity of the manufacturing plant.

  • Sound and accurate traceability.

  • Responsive support, day and night


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