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The Unsung Heroes of Label Manufacturing: Cardboard Cores

Cardboard cores might seem like a humble component in the world of label manufacturing, but these cylindrical supports play a critical role in ensuring efficient production, flawless label application, and overall product quality. Let's explore their function and delve into the characteristics that make for superior label cores.

Functions of Cardboard Cores

  • Foundation for Rolls: Without cores, finished label rolls would lack structural integrity. The core acts as the centre upon which labels are wound, creating a manageable, storable, and transportable format.

  • Dispensing Efficiency: Label cores are designed to fit seamlessly into high-speed labelling machines. This allows for smooth, controlled unwinding and accurate label application across a vast range of products and packaging.

  • Protection: During handling and shipping, the sturdy construction of cardboard cores safeguards labels from creasing, tearing, and other damage.

Crucial Characteristics of Label Cardboard Cores

Successful label applications rely on cardboard cores that meet specific standards. Key characteristics include:

  • Strength and Rigidity: Cores must withstand the tension generated during the winding process and maintain their shape under the weight of the labels themselves. JPT prioritizes this critical component of core quality to ensure reliable dispensing.

  • Diameter Consistency: Cores need to have a precise and uniform inner diameter (ID) throughout. This ensures perfect compatibility with labelling equipment and consistent label alignment during application.

  • Smooth Surface: A smooth interior and exterior on the core is essential. Rough surfaces can snag labels, potentially causing misfeeds, jams, and even damage to the labelling machinery.

  • Moisture Resistance: Cardboard naturally absorbs moisture. Special treatments or coatings minimize moisture absorption, preventing distortion and potential issues during high-humidity applications.

  • Eco-Friendliness: Given growing sustainability concerns, manufacturers, including JPT as one of the largest label core suppliers in the UK, emphasize label cores made from recycled materials while ensuring recyclability.

Customisation and Optimisation

Label manufacturers often need cores optimized for specific needs. JPT excels in providing tailored solutions and collaborates with manufacturers on the perfect fit:

  • Core Length: Lengths depend on roll width requirements. Matching a core's size perfectly to the label's design improves overall efficiency.

  • Wall Thickness: Cores for heavier labels or rolls may require thicker walls for strength and stability.

  • Branding and Markings: Label cores present a subtle branding opportunity. Logos, company information, or usage guides can be printed directly onto the core.

The Right Core Partner Matters

JPT understands that selecting the right label core supplier is key for label manufacturers. Their focus on rigorous quality control, responsiveness to manufacturer needs, and commitment to sustainable practices solidify JPT as a go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable, innovative label core solutions.

Final Thoughts

Cardboard cores, an often underappreciated component, are fundamental to the label manufacturing process. Carefully selected cores from trusted suppliers like JPT contribute to efficient production, successful product labelling, and enhanced product presentation. By prioritizing label cores, manufacturers unlock the full potential of their operations and provide exceptional solutions for their clients.


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