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Top tips when picking a carboard tube and paper core supplier in 2018

Deciding to change supplier is not an easy task, so at Just Paper Tubes we thought we’d put together 11 questions that might be worth asking your current or future supplier next time you order Best cardboard tubes and paper cores.

1. What is your Product Range?

Choosing a supplier that offers a wide range of tubes and cores is very important. It’s a win-win situation for both customers and suppliers.

At Just Paper Tubes, we have a line of Best cardboard tubes, label cores, flexible film cores, postal tubes, transit packaging cores, and industrial cores of different sizes. We understand that the needs of every business are different and therefore, we over the widest range in the industry.

2. What is a difference between cardboard cores and tubes?

Many people often get confused between the difference of these two. To make your confusion clear, a tube is used to keep something inside whereas a core is something wound onto it.

3. What is your lead time?

We understand everyone wants to get their products delivered as soon as possible. Therefore, we take special care of our lead time and available 24×7. Our custom order shipping within 48 hours or maybe less in a few cases. At JPT, we count lead time in hours, not days or weeks!

4. What traceability do you have of the products you deliver?

We understand, when working in the industrial tapes, food production or label cores industry, traceability is very important. If there is some issue with the cores, detailed Root Cause Analysis needs to be carried out.

At Just Paper Tubes, we use the most advanced computer system in the Best cardboard tube industry. We trace every pallet or box of our products from the barcode, we have created. Our CCTV system records everything, ranging from the raw material entering our premises to the products going out for delivery.

5. How do you back up your quality and environmental credentials?

At JPT, we take care of quality and environmental credentials. We know that our customers require certain standards to ensure quality throughout the supply chain. At JPT, we are ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified, adopting an environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance.

6. Where does your paper come from?

We are using 100% recycled paper. It means no trees were felled in our products production. We have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) from the paper supplier that gives a guarantee that we are not harming the environment.

7. Have you been to audit or visit your cardboard tube manufacturer?

We always welcome our clients and customers to visit our site. If you want to see how we manufacture our products, then we are always open. We believe in honesty and transparency and make sure to work openly with our customers that lead to a healthy business relationship.

8. What personalized services do we offer?

Today, the internet has been affecting the lives of the people to the large extent. So, in order to make the process of ordering easy and convenient, we offer Live chat on social media for the quicker personalized experience. Not only this, we are also using Whatsapp for business (+44 1757 630226) so our customers can drop us a message and we respond quickly.

9. Is JPT supporting any local community?

Yes, we are supporting a local community called- Selby Hands of Help which help people in difficult situations in our local community. On a regional level, we also support the enterprise charity Young Enterprise, who are dedicated to provide employment opportunities to young people and help them develop skills.

10. What is your latest expansion or development?

Recently, we launched a new 800 sq. meter warehouse at our Selby headquarters. It is equipped with the latest technology in drying facilities.

11. Do you have any price list of your products?

All our products are made to the specifications of our customers and are quite different from each other. So, we don’t have a price list. We prepare a price quotation based on your requirements and order, this gives you lots of flexibility when ordering.


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