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How Postal & Transit Tubes Can Prove Handy for Online Shopping during COVID19

The idea of shopping online has been there for a while now. The UK has lead the way with adoption of delivered to your door service. Why the UK? Probably due to a competitive market along with high population density means you can deliver anywhere in 24 hours.

With the advancement of technology, both businesses and customers are taking to online/eCommerce as an effective alternative to their retail shopping habit. At first, it took a while for the online businesses to gain users’ trust and turn them into loyal customers. As people started getting used to the comfort and convenience of online shopping, many frequently preferred online stores over regular ones.

That was the story of pre-COVID19 times when shoppers had the freedom to choose between online stores and traditional physical ones. COVID19 has had an impact on everything, including buying habits and preferences of the customers. During months-long lockdown, people preferred to stay indoors, relying more on eCommerce and other online shopping solutions. In many cases, shops were shut - the only option was online.

According to the latest research, rates of shopping online have increased by 129% week-by-week during the pandemic time. Doorstep, contact-free delivery has gained popularity during this period. Reports suggest, one among five households has opted for shopping online. This statistic covers all sorts of items, ranging from groceries to luxury appliances. Understanding the opportunity, online sellers started enriching their product stock and focusing more on customer support.

Talking about customer support, the packaging is a vital part of it. In a physical store scenario, when a customer purchases an item, businesses don’t have to worry about potential risks during delivery. But in eCommerce, the equation changes. The business is solely responsible for delivering the product to the customer in a tip-top condition. It’s not only about safety, but the optimum use of resources for packaging to ensure cost-effectiveness and highest customer satisfaction. If your selling on a online marketplace like amazon or ebay your customers impressions mean everything, your product needs to arrive perfect.

A real-life case study should make the situation better comprehensible. A few days back, we had bought a flooring mat from Amazon for JPT office. The product was timely delivered and there was no issue throughout the process whatsoever. Just without one thing. The mat was packaged inside a large rectangular cardboard box. When the tape was cut, we found the product was sitting awkwardly inside the box, leaving tons of unused space.

postal tubes UK supplier
Wouldn't a tube worked better?

Being a leading cardboard tube manufacturer, we had already known that was a wasteful packaging and there were better options in the market. Imagine the mat had been packaged in a postal packaging tube. That would have saved money, not only in packaging and transportation costs, but also made the packaging look smarter, not to mention easier for the consumer to dispose of. Postal tubes were the solution for this seller.

Being an eCommerce business during COVID19 is a transitional moment, when you realise small changes can help your business big time, we would suggest you think all the alternative options before making your choice to stay a step ahead of the competition. Choosing postal tubes or transit packaging tubes for packaging and delivery can prove to be a smart choice for your eCommerce business financially, but it would also ensure customer satisfaction as well. If you’re selling posters, sign vinyl & wraps, large printing items, long length items or anything that needs to be rolled for better transportation, postal or transit tubes should be your primary choice for packaging.

fragile postal tubes

We, at JPT, have been manufacturing the highest quality cardboard tubes for postal and transit purposes and serving the smartest eCommerce businesses operating in the UK throughout even this pandemic. We'd like to congratulate them on the growth they've seen to their businesses.

If this blog resonates with this business we’d always be happy to assist you in your journey forward. Just reach out to us for a free quote today.


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