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Just Paper Tubes Unlocked New Achievement: 4 Million Cores Sold in March 2017

What was the last time you heard someone say, “Nothing is Impossible”? The answer could be “Just a couple of minutes ago”. While this notion is a great motivator, doing the impossible is not everybody’s cup of tea.

But then again, there are many people in the world who have a knack for doing just the same. Just Paper Tubes happens to be one such company who has unlocked a remarkable achievement. These lads have done something that many other paper tubes and cores manufacturers either though to be an impossible feat, or didn’t even imagine that it would even exist, let alone be possible.

What they have done is they’ve produced 4 million label cores in the month of March this year. Yes, you read that right, 4 million! This is by far the highest amount of label cores manufactured by any unit in UK. This unrivalled manufacturing capacity of JPT is backed by their manufacturing plants boasting of latest technology machinery, 24×7 operations and a vision to provide unparalleled service.

The company came into existence in 1987 and since then, they Just Paper Tubes has left no stone unturned to offer the best quality cores and tubes with the shortest possible turnaround time. What sets them apart from the competitors is their massive inventory in which they keep cores and tubes of all major sizes and varied thicknesses.

And that’s not all, JPT has always been known as an adaptive and progressive company. After all, you can’t rely on the same old technology you used in the 90’s and expect to give your competitors a tough challenge. They believe in doing it first, and thus they always have been the first company in their niche to bring new technology equipment’s on board. No wonder these guys achieved such a massive feat. Take some notes, competitors!


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