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Have you ever received complaints from your customers that the tapes they purchase from you are losing shape too soon? Have you received RFQs where the clients have asked for some sort of tapes with their company logo printed inside the core, but you don’t actually know where to procure that branded tape cores from?

These are common situations, but our customers are different, they already know where to find the highest quality cardboard tape cores in the UK and we’ve been happily doing business with our clients for years. Last month, (August 2020) we produce over 3.8 million tape cores, some plain cores, others branded.

Specification & Quality:

From our experience of working with several dozens of tape cores clients over the past 30 years, we’ve noticed that the requirements generally range from 10mm to 300mm in length, or anywhere in between, for wall thickness it can be somewhere between 1mm and 15mm, and the diameter can be anything upto 12.” Learning from experience, we keep the above specification products shipment-ready at our warehouses, available 24 hours a day. This helps us to deliver your requirements within hours, not days. Again, if you’re looking for tape cores of beyond the above specification, let us know what you need and we'll get samples into production.

We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading quality products at affordable prices. Our clients can vouch for that. Just check through the endorsements of our clients to know more about the quality of our tape cores, check out our 5 star rating.

uk tape cores cardboard tubes
A selection of tape cores


The tape core market is vast so we thought we'd list a few of the uses of our paper tubes.

PVC Tape Cores: PVC tapes are generally used for electrical taping. Being a rubber-based adhesive, this tapes can be used in the outdoors as well due to its weather resistance and durability. The paper core that the tape is wrapped around, hence, has to be strong and resistant. If you’re a PVC tape manufacturer, we can print your company logo or any other signage of your preference to make your product far more brandable.

Masking & Gummed Paper Tape Cores: The two main features of masking & paper tapes are these tapes come with light adhesive and are easy to tear, making it flexible to use and easy to remove from any surface. The tape cores that we manufacture for masking and gummed tapes are of a range of specifications, since the masking tape our clients manufacture can widely vary. The cores are specially manufactured for masking tapes, making them more suitable to hold light adhesive that masking tapes come with. Gummed paper is really taking off at the moment due to its recyclability over plastic.

Double-sided tape cores: Double-sided tapes are widely used in households and offices alike. With specific use, these tapes generally last longer than the other variations. Hence, the paper cores that hold these tapes has to be stronger and very durable. JPT has been manufacturing cores for the DIY industry for many years. We can even provide a silicon released liner which enhances your customers experience with zero waste of tape.

Social Distancing Tape Cores: Social distancing tape is the “new normal” around the world. With the wake of COVID19, shops, offices, banks, supermarkets, and any other public gathering places have adopted social distancing tapes as visual reminders for guest in the hope to bar the virus from spreading. JPT has started delivering high quality social distancing tape cores from the beginning of this pandemic (JPT has been operational throughout the pandemic period, and providing paper cores to emergency healthcare and related sectors). A cardboard tubes supplier for this market segment needs to be able to run around volumes, fast. That's why JPT is the market leaders with their 24 hours a day production capacity.

Above is just a few of the uses for our high quality tape cores. Whenever it comes to tapes of any kind, JPT has a paper core to offer. Our reputation of round the clock customer service, minimum lead times and quality products have helped us to serve our clients even better.


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