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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” - & how JPT leads the industry

When Just Paper Tubes Ltd was established in 1987, 33 years ago, we challenged ourselves with a number of ambitions that the Company should materialise whilst achieving a sustainable business model. Besides making a sufficient profit which would enable reinvestment into new technologies the then small Company had the vision to develop an exemplary business model over the years which would stand out as an example within the industry. With a commitment to making a difference Just Paper Tubes Ltd had adopted several strategies, technologies & environmentally friendly initiatives that helped the Company to reach its height, unparalleled by any of its competition.

Now fast forward to the present – we have noticed that quite a few other cardboard tube manufacturers in the UK are both imitating & emulating Just Paper Tubes Ltd adopting almost every step that we take in their modus operandi. However, we, at Just Paper Tubes Ltd are both happy & proud to have reached a position to help our competitors advance themselves within the industry.

What sets Just Paper Tubes Ltd apart :

Starting in the late 80s, JPT had increased its operation to 24/7 in 1989. Our core value of keeping our Customer’s at the centre had secured plenty of business for us within a couple of years of commencement. During the following few years we had established a storage warehouse & increased our own transport fleet in order that we could offer our Customers an unrivalled service with the shortest of delivery lead times. Even in our formative years we had always placed great emphasis on technology buying one of the first high quality automatic core cutters in the UK in order the vastly increase productivity, we have never looked back.

Forward to 1999 – we revolutionised our then largest Customer’s operations by installing CCTV at their plant & taking full responsibility for all cardboard core & essential packaging supply & stock management on a JIT basis. From that day on they never looked back & never ran out of essential raw materials & we relieved our Customer of much stress !

Understanding the potential of the internet, we had developed our first website in 2000, at the early stage of the internet boom – when only a few businesses had grasped the importance of an online presence.

During the next few years we improved our range, our capacity & productivity by developing a programme of introducing the latest state of the art & cutting-edge technologies & machinery, expanding our storage capacity in order to improve our overall Customer experience.

In 2014 Just Paper Tubes Ltd decided to cement our responsibilities towards the environment by installing both a biomass plant, to replace the existing oil-fired heating system, & 100kw solar power generating system to enable autonomous operation of the plant. As a result, whilst making massive savings & removing our reliance on the “grid”, & when most of the businesses around us are generating tons of CO2 we are reducing our carbon footprint by reducing our CO2 emissions – we are proud in that we are a low carbon production site.

We differ from our competitors because our policy is to reinvest, reinvest…….& reinvest whilst we always consider our impact on our community, customers and environment.

A few years ago we attained both ISO14001 & ISO9001v2015 certifications – others have now followed & then in 2019 we were awarded the “Responsible Business Champion for Selby & Ainsty Constituency” by the “All Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group”, which demonstrates our commitment to our operations throughout the years.

award winning cardboard tubes
Responsible Business Champion

How Just Paper Tubes Ltd can help the industry grow :

Yes, we are aware of our responsibilities & commitments & we know that by reaching the top of the ladder we have made ourselves more visible & that others will imitate, or even plagiarise, but this neither annoys us nor makes us feel insecure. In fact, it has the reverse effect & it drives us even further forward & we hope that our competitors apply the best aspects of our achievements to their own businesses.

If we can all collectively strive towards the same levels of achievement whilst improving the environment & providing benefits to our local communities then we are pleased to lead the way with our hard-earned experience especially during these difficult Covid-19 pandemic times.

If we may help any business within our industry then we would truly love to do just that, so, if we may help then, please, just get in touch !

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