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JPT has Scaled Higher Just For You

JPT is moving swiftly to ensure you get high-quality cardboard tubes more conveniently. A few months ago, we informed you, and now we are reporting to you again. But why? We want to be with you every inch of the way. We previously told you that we had been given the mandate to expand our premises, and if you follow us on linkedin , Facebook, or twitter you will of undoubtably seen the construction progress. We happily report to you that our development project is complete and fully operational!

We have already built our “light industry unit” measuring 800 square meters. Our new storage has equipped us to provide exceptional services to you. We now have a facility that can hold more stock; therefore, we can manufacture more. Cardboard tubes, paper tubes, tape or label cores are now available faster and in large scale.

What does it mean for you? You can receive your order immediately. You don’t have to wait for days to receive the order. We value your time and partnership.

Are You Inconvenienced by Other Cardboard Tubes Manufacturers?

Our core value is to deliver to you exactly what you want. If you wish jpt to provide you with customized products, we have good news for you. Our new facility is suited to provide you with cardboard tubes within a short time. We have reduced our lead time by 50% due to our new tube conditioning facilitates. Don’t forget, we can turn around cardboard tubes quicker than anybody else due to our production and logistics teams working 24 hours a day. Put us to the test!

We have advanced our computer system to facilitates faster production and despatch along with the ability to give you advanced notification of dispatch from our site. This initiative is primarily to align our delivery time with your requirements. This is built on the back of our long held ethos that we should be counting lead times in hours not days! Our computer system is also able to prioritize demands according to the urgency. You need not panic when an urgent need arises, we’ll be ready and waiting to deliver.

Core Quality Enhanced

You won’t need to buy cores from anywhere else! We are the leading producers of high-quality cores in the industry. We are using well-researched methods to dry our cores to build their strength. We have derived our high-quality products from our expertise skills. We create quality into our products all the way from planning and design stage to the actual processing, production and shipping.

We continually seek to provide high-quality products to you without harming the environment. One of our approaches is drying cores using biomass heating. We pursue to remain reliable and loyal to your needs. Positive feedback from our highly esteemed customers has been a high motivation to us. We endeavor to stand faithful to our core values.


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