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Is Purchasing Cardboard Tubes About the Cheapest Price

For decades, product price has been the most influential decision driver when buying any product. Customer’s purchasing decision revolves around optimizing the price, quality, and durability. Other factors like comfort, convenience, fit and recycling ability come as secondary drivers.

You will experience a similar phenomenon in cardboard tubes industry. But is purchasing cardboard tubes all about the lowest price? There are various factors crucial for consideration when buying cardboard tubes. Here are the paramount factors to consider when purchasing cardboard tubes and other packaging supplies.

Factors to Consider When Buying Cardboard Tubes and Other Paper Supplies

1. Quality

To ensure you buy quality packaging supplies, buy from a reputable supplier which is experienced in manufacture and delivery of cardboard tubes. These are the manufactures who will produce commodities with the best wood materials and fibers. Also, you should buy from a manufacturer who is ISO certified for quality management.

2. Durability

You may be looking for transport packaging cores to store merchandise while in transit. There are essential aspects that you should consider. Check right from the material used to build the packaging cores to its strength. If you are buying a cardboard core for that matter, ensure it is customised to suit your target weight.

You could be in search for an industrial supply. Your industrial paper core choice should be able to withstand a great deal of pressure.

3. Security

Maintenance of security is an important aspect when it comes to packaging supplies. If you are opting for packaging paper tubes or transit packaging cores, have a postal tube solution with plastic end caps which gives the tube the strength to cope with any level of carrier man handling!

4. Tolerance

Regardless of application of industrial paper tubes, they should be able to withstand various environmental conditions. Whether they will be used in industrial manufacturing or printing, tolerance will be a crucial feature. Industrial tubes that easily give way because of strength applied are not fit for use.

You should look for tubes that are structurally optimised. Look out for paperboard strength and stiffness. Also, ply positioning in the wall, tube thickness and adhesive type determine the firmness of an industrial tube. The environmental conditions in which the cardboard tubes are stored prior to delivery is very important, and very few suppliers in the UK can achieve the optimal conditions.

5. Versatility

The tape cores and label cores you buy should support your branding. Buy a label core that will could have your brands styling on the inside gives you a competitive advantage. JPT ‘s outers are from virgin krafts which are food safety certified which always helps with ISO and BRC audits. In the tape cores and label cores industry you need a supplier who is keeping high stock holdings and 24 hours production so they can react to your purchase orders within a day.

6. Customised Supply

Mostly, supplies are designed to suit the general need of the market. It may be hard to find cardboard tubes that fulfill your specific requirements. Finding suppliers who dedicate to customer friendly products is a rare case. But here is your supplier whose core values revolve around your needs.

Just Paper Tubes (JPT) provides high-quality cardboard tubes suited to your business needs. At JPT, we are devoted to continuous research and development for delivery of customer-friendly products. We are always within your reach, and you can contact us 24 hours 5 days of the week.

In conclusion, when you are shopping for packaging supplies, you should consider features of importance for every item, including the cardboard tube. Judge a commodity by what it is offering to you rather than its price.


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