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How Quickline helps Just Paper Tubes with its Business Operations

In today’s world, the Internet is the basic need. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, all businesses rely on the Internet for their day to day workings. Just Paper Tubes, one of the leadin cardboard tubes and cores manufacturers has seen a big-time growth with a popular Internet connection provider- Quickline. Where all the other internet service providers have no any plans to offer a fibre speed connection in our area, Quickline had it covered.

A short history about Just Paper Tubes

With its inception in 1987, we the Selby based packaging manufacturer Just Paper tubes are known for supplying cardboard cores and tubes to the customers across the UK. Our main aim of the company is to provide high-end products that ensure reliability, and quality.

Quickline - A Champ of the Internet service

The internet service provider- Quickline offers super fast internet connection to the businesses all across the UK. It merges with an assortment of latest and innovative technologies that make it apart from others. The internet provider based in Hull is known for its fast internet service at the pocket-friendly rates.

How Quickline helps Just Paper Tubes?

In order to grow a business and stands apart from the crowd in the World Wide Web, a reliable Internet service is mandatory. Just like any other business, at just Paper Tubes, we also want to establish our name in the global market and here Quickline played an imperative role.

Let’s go back in few years on how it started!

We need an efficient internet service provider that can help us to grow the business. The internet arrangement we were using was quite slow so they contacted BT Openreach. The Internet supplier quoted them £50,000 installation costs, which was a big amount and not feasible.

Our Director, Harry Coates says, “We had heard about the progress that Quickline was making in East Yorkshire and the Humber region. Two years on, we are still very pleased with the service and product delivered, and although we have kept our ADSL and 4G connection for backup purposes, we hardly ever use them.”

Quickline offers fast internet access to Just Paper Tubes, enabling us to make big changes to our working & operations. Where previous connection was unable to help us running complex and large SQL databases that need constant off-site backups to the cloud, Quickline helps us to do so without any hassle. They back up the database in a time span of every 15 minutes, ensuring that data is stored and access securely round the clock.

From communicating with the customers, accessing database anywhere, anytime, to accessing CCTV remotely, syncing documents and update the computer with the latest security releases, Quickline helps us in the best possible way.

The internet provider also helps the internal processes of the company like sharing large artwork files, submitting electronic data to HMRC and more.

Mr Coates further added, “We’re now running training sessions via video calls. Plus, we’re looking to move to a VOIP service for our telephone system, which will increase productivity even further.”

With fast installation, Quickline’s service has delivered prompt benefits in all the operations of Just Paper Tubes efficiently.

Recent update

Recently, we at Just Paper Tubes have made a sound investment in a new warehouse, where stronger tubes are manufacturing on a large scale with the reduced timeline. Our Director, Harry stated that “Many members of our Senior Management Team joined the organisation straight after school, so taking on staff under the apprenticeship umbrella is second nature to us.”

The internet service provider, Quickline’s has helped Just Paper Tubes with super-fast internet connectivity. Regardless of the remote area.

To learn more about JPT the leading cardboard tubes manufacturer and Quickline, please read the original article found in Marketing Humber.


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