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Explainer: Transit Packaging Tubes uses?

When you are looking for safe transit of your finished product cardboard tubes are an excellent way to both save packing time and protect your product in transit. Just Paper Tubes manufacture here on site so we understand your bespoke requirement of inner diameter, wall thickness and length. With all our postal tubes, mailing cores and industrial tubes being manufactured to the size and amount required with no minimum order meaning you have no more then you need. You can have peace of mind knowing our cardboard cores are made from recycled and recyclable board and recyclable polymer end caps.

We understand the need of cost effective packaging and are able to manufacture cardboard tubes from 21mm inner diameter right through to 254mm with an end cap. Depending on your needs we can either fit both end caps or staple one end in if this speeds up your packing process, this being just one of the value added services we provide. Just like all our industrial and carpet cores we can manufacture any length tube if it will fit on a vehicle and currently manufacture paper tubes in excess of 14 metres in length.

Mailing tubes have many applications and with JPT’s many years of experience we are happy to assist in finding the cardboard tube you are looking for. Products include many of the following already within our current range of supply:-

Transit tubes, mailing tubes
Angle beading and Trim tubes

Curtain Track Systems Heavy or light weight curtain tracks in both industrial supply, down to the smaller household curtain track systems. These can be electric, corded or hand operated. These can be constructed from plastic, metal or even wood, with tracks being used for vehicles, warehousing and domestic curtains within your home.

Flooring and beading trims Mainly manufactured from wooden or composite material these decorative trims are used for flooring edging and many wood working finishes to enhance items of furniture or construction.

Large format printing / posters and POS artwork Points of sale display prints for many eye grabbing promotions and new product lines. This can be anything from posters on your wall of your favourite band, celebrity or landscape scene, to huge full wall displays at shows or in retail stores. These also provide great instruction signage and warning information.

Print rollers and Engineered parts Mainly constructed from metal with very delicate finishes these can be anything from industrial printing plates and rollers to personal art structures. This includes machine bears, machined shafts and automotive parts

Industrial tubes
Beading tubes with end plugs fitted and stapled

Mailing tubes Leaflets or flyers for advertising, greetings and many promotional items. Items that fall within the Postal restrictions of the large letter postal rates.

Metal beading Profiled metal trims which are used within the DIY and the construction industry. Mainly made of a machined metal in 2-3 metre lengths.

Fishing rods and poles Composite manufactured sea fishing or river fishing rods and poles. Produced for entry and high-end level hobbyist or sporting professionals alike.

So if your looking for a mailing tube, postal tube or transit packaging tube to transport your finished product, maybe it’s is one of the many products listed or maybe it bespoke. Contact us today via our online chat, email or by phone. We will be happy to advise and provide a speedy service and delivery.


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