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Enabling future growth by inclusivity and employee empowerment

Just Paper Tubes works with a variety of clients across the UK, providing them paper and cardboard products such as cardboard tubes & cores, industrial tubes, paper cores, tape & label cores, etc. With 30 years of experience in this business, we’ve managed to establish ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of paper cores and tubes for a variety of products.

This requires a lot of work and effort, maintaining large stocks and monitoring high demand products to meet diverse requirements and ensure a quick turnaround time.

How do we do that?

We work together, facing challenges as a team, each person providing inputs subject to their skills and expertise, addressing issues of feasibility or working on logistics to ensure we meet deadlines and the requisite quality standards.

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(Helena checking a customers’ cardboard tube is ready to be dispatched)

The team at Just Paper Tubes is a small and close knit group. Being a small local business, we believe our strength lies in the individual strength and vision each member holds for this company.

A small team size enables each employee to contribute to the decision making process, enabling a sense of empowerment to each team member. This fuels our passion to do better and strive for constant improvement as a team and as a company.

Inclusivity at Just Paper Tubes

We like to think that we have a modern and dynamic approach to running our business and have consciously fostered an environment that promotes inclusivity and diversity. This we consider as the primary source of our creativity and openness to face new challenges, pushing us to scale new heights of success.

As part of the evaluation process to see how effective our practices have been, we interviewed our employees and asked them questions about the workplace and how they feel about Just Paper Tubes.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with 18 year old Helena, an employee with special needs. She has been working with us for about 2 years now. This interview gives a quick insight into the work environment at Just Paper Tubes.

Helena entered our organisation with the objective of gaining work experience with a local business and to understand our manufacturing process and how we operate. It quickly became an integral part of her life, bringing her a sense of purpose and enjoyment, along with her carrying out vital administration roles at Just Paper Tubes LTD.

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(Helena carrying out adminstrative tasks at her desk.)

Interview Transcript

Why did you want to do work at Just Paper Tubes?

I wanted to see how everything works in the world. I was interested about the small businesses operating near my home where my dad managed the IT system, and was especially curious about manufacturing processes. My college had suggested that I should try and do some work experience so I thought this might be the ideal place.

The people here were very welcoming and we talked about what I felt I could and couldn’t do at JPT while considering me as a candidate. That really helped me come out of my cocoon and grow as a person both personally and professionally. It was nice to become a contributing member of the JPT Team.

What is your current job at Just Paper Tubes?

I carry out a lot of vital administrative tasks at Just Paper Tubes. This includes checking purchase invoices to make sure our suppliers have invoiced us for the right quantity and price.

Apart from that, I process customer orders and respond to their queries. I also spend some of my time performing the company scanning and filing of important documents, or keeping my colleagues happy with a cup of tea or coffee!

Do you remember your first day here? What did you do?

When I came in, I was given a full site tour. I met all the people and talked to them about what they do. That was really interesting. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging.

After lunch, I went through the relevant job inductions followed by the Health & Safety briefing.

I did a taster session on the office work and I really enjoyed this because I realised that this is something I’m good at. I was able to demonstrate my best skills and it felt great!

I felt nervous and excited at the same time, as it was my first experience in a workplace.

How would you explain what Just Paper Tubes does?

They make cardboard tubes for customers throughout the UK. These can vary in size depending on the client requirements. For example, these can be small labels cores or tape cores, or these can be tubes that are 6 meters long such as the cardboard cores that your carpets at home are originally wound onto.

What do you think makes Just Paper Tubes the Experts in Cardboard Tubes?

They focus on manufacturing high quality cardboard tubes and provide excellent customer service, and I’m proud to say that now I contribute to that.

What is it like to work in a team at Just Paper Tubes?

The team is always working hard, and having lots of fun among each other while working. Work seem like fun here. That’s why I relish my time working at Just Paper Tubes.

What is the best bit about working at Just Paper Tubes?

I love the working environment here; everyone is really accepting and friendly. It’s even more enjoyable when a customer visits and I am asked to give a demonstration on the traceability we have within our system. I am really proud to be able to show what I can do, along with what the company stands for and how we work.

What don’t you like about working at JPT?

I’m usually not keen about waking up early for work. But once I’m here, I forget all about that. I also don’t like being nominated for washing up duty. But everyone has to do it when it’s their turn.

What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?

I hope to continue working for Just Paper Tubes and acquire new skills. There’s a lot to learn and great potential to grow professionally, I’m looking forward to progressing to an adult learning college this coming year as it will help me learn more industry ready skills so I can keep developing and this will add even more value to JPT.

I really want to continue to work part time and go to a college called Linkage in Grimsby as it helps people like me develop skills so I can live an independent life along with having useful skills so I can continue to add value at JPT. I had a taster 2 days at Linkage recently and I really liked the fact that they focus on realistic working environments and work experience along with living independently.

How does Just Paper Tubes treat customers?

We always strive to give customers what they require – great products and on time delivery with an unbeatable quality. Personally, I always treat customers how I want to be treated myself.

Just Paper Tubes is very fortunate to have such dedicated and sincere people like Helena who work really hard to serve our clients. Our team is what makes us the best at what we do.


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