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A Letter from our Directors:


Covid-19 has turned the world on its head. At JPT, at times it’s felt a bit like a roller-coaster. I think none of us would have expected to be using the words: self-isolation, social-distancing or furlough.

We've had to act like we always do, fast. However, at the forefront of our minds are the core values of Just Paper Tubes :

- The Customer matters most

- Quality and reliability

- The competitive edge


Just Paper Tubes has always been known as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the UK, be it label cores, carpet tubes, or film cores. Covid19 hasn't affected our lead times, We've actually shortened them and where many of our customers have seen unprecedented demand; we've stepped up our production to accommodate this. JPT is keeping its customers updated on standard leads times on our Covid-19 blog, which is updated daily.

We are operating contactless deliveries and are using our android based POD system so we don't need you to sign anything. If you'd like to receive digital copy of the delivery automatically when your order leaves our warehouse just get in touch with the team. We still are the only UK cardboard tube manufacturer who's operating full production 24 hours a day, even through Covid-19. We've also enabled our customers to speak to a member of the JPT team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call us on 01757 630226.


You've never let us down yet when it comes to supply. We understand how tough times are, That is why, like always we promise to pay suppliers within agreed times, in full, no matter what.


The level of commitment from the JPT Team has been outstanding. We've worked hand in hand to deliver the operational changes that covid-19 has brought about. We couldn't have done it without the dedication of our staff. Our mean-average length of service is 15 years, as a company its something we've always been proud of. We clap for you.


We had been preparing for covid-19 since February, when we equipped all office staff with laptops, headsets and ability work from home, as if they were here.

We worked with Amazon's Data team to move our phone system to them, this now means you seamless speak to the JPT Team about your cardboard tubes needs, whether they are working from our site or at home. You won't even know.

We also took the step to work with Vodafone to provide members of staff who had poor home connections, providing them with high speed 4G connections.

We have kept all of our channels of communication open so pick what you prefer, whether its live chat on our website, email or phone; We are always here for you.


To our customers, we are here when you need us and we won't let you down, whether your a new customer or old.

To our staff, an average of 15 years service is something we should all be proud of, we will always put your safety and your livelihoods first. Keep up the fantastic work.

To our suppliers, we wouldn't have been able to keep all our customers happy without your continued supply. Our relationship will be as always, business as usual.

If we can help you in anyway, get in touch, and we hope you stay well.

JPT Directors


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