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Cardboard Tubes: Popular Applications in 2021

As recycled paper cores are in more demand than ever, here at Just Paper Tubes, we venture into manufacturing categories of products of different specifications, keeping in mind all the needs of the customers.

Our company walks an extra mile in ensuring products for all of your custom requirements. Let’s take a look at some of our distinguished cardboard core products.

Industrial Paper Cores

JPT’s high-performance industrial paper cores can house all of your application needs in general. No matter what kinds of application needs, our industrial paper cores can cover up all of your requirements precisely. You can order from us any custom-made cores of specific industrial requirements.

Carpet Cores

As unorganised carpet or vinyl flooring consumes a lot of space at the storage, JPT’s high-quality carpet cores can provide you the perfect solution for this. With our best-flight and top-notch carpet cores, we are ready to help you out when it comes to organising your products at the time of storage. The JPT’s cardboard cores with their range of specifications set the seal on organization whether it is a warehouse or retail store.

Textile Cores

JPT standouts for manufacturing and developing spiral cardboard tubes. These cardboard tubes are made out of advanced technology, designed to meet all your textile requirements. Keeping high-performance and durability in mind when it comes to textiles, we have been developing materials rolls, sign vinyl and wraps, textile tubes, material packaging, curtain track, and other similar paper core items.

Postal and Mailing Tubes

Just Paper Tubes has been manufacturing postal and mailing tubes for long. These tubes can store and transport anything that can be rolled such as maps, drawings, branding materials, etc. into a tube. Mainly retail and eCommerce businesses make use of postal and mailing tubes in terms of packaging and delivery purposes.

Transit Packaging Cores

JPT is offering transit packaging cores so that you can have your product transported to another place ensuring safety and preserving the initial quality and performance of your products. Transit paper cores may come in handy for you when it comes to transporting a significant number of items such as wooden bedding trims, metal angle bedding, print roller, fishing rods, format printing, or flooring trims. Apart from that, by making good use of these cores, you can transport POS for your retailing or super shop as well as packaging textile items from your factories to retailers or vice versa.

Flexible Film Cores

You can’t doubt the high quality of our flexible film cores cardboard as these cores are trending top in our list compared to other cardboard cores. There are dozens of applications of these cores. The prominent application of these film cores is to transit pouches and bag cores, laminated film cores, sachets, flow wraps, lidding film cores, etc.

Label Cores and Tape Cores

JPT manufactures top-rated label cores and tape cores, constructed to be used for handheld printers, digital labels, Flexi printing, beer & spirits, food & beverage, chemical & cosmetics. Tape cores mainly are of paramount importance when it comes to using different types of tapes according to your requirement. Apart from label cores and tape cores, JPT also produces tip-top winding tubes in order to be used for the medical industry. These winding tubes are in great demand in connection with the present pandemic situation caused by COVID-19.

Final Words

In the end, we have delved deeper to present most of our popular products along with their usage. We have left no stone unturned to make you have a thorough understanding of our cardboard core products.

However, if you don’t find your desired products from the list provided above, you can contact us. We are looking forward to serving you and we won’t let you down.


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