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Just Paper Tubes: An Ally to the Environment

At Just Paper Tubes, our pursuit for CO2 zero energy tariff continues throughout July with success. Being the most technologically advanced cardboard paper tubes manufacturer in the UK, we’ve always found ourselves in a position of higher responsibility towards our environment. Aside from the fact that our raw material sourcing has always been from 100% recycled paper, we’ve been striving to reduce our CO2 footprint during production as well. And we can now proudly say, even during this difficult pandemic time, we’ve managed to reach our goal, taking up initiatives that we believe should set an example among other manufactures in the industry.

Moving to CO2 zero-tariff is a big achievement for us. This means, in July alone, we’ve managed to avoid 12,000 KG of carbon emission. Zero carbon emission means zero environmental pollution. We’ve managed to run our factory 24/7, power up our offices, company cars and the massive warehouse causing zero harm to the environment.

The journey has not been an easy one. It took lots of planning, investment, and commitment. We shouldn’t miss this opportunity to mention the devotion that each of our staff members has shown throughout the pursuit.

We had decided to get rid of our former oil-powered heating system a few years ago in an attempt of reaching zero carbon footprint. So where have we been sourcing the energy from? We’ve taken up three initiatives that have been powering up all our facilities. They are in-house solar photo-voltaic panels and bio-mass heat generation, which serve the major portion of our energy need, and “blue business energy” tariff for our essential top-up energy usage. Even though we had to invest big money to replace our fuel-powered heating system with mostly renewable, zero net CO2 emission options, we always had our eyes on one objective: bringing down electrical based CO2 emission to flat-zero.

Cardboard tubes eco friendly
Cutting Carbon

We’ve adopted quite a few other green initiatives that we take pride in. Plastic usage, for example, is one of the areas where we’ve managed to significantly reduce wastage. As plastic plays a vital role in food packaging, we can’t just stop using it. We have done better: recycling plastic wastes into new products.

Again, to reduce pollution from fuel burn, we’ve replaced all our fuel-run company cars with electric only. Besides, our company trucks and vans are EURO 6, the highest levels of emissions standards. In recognition of our continuous effort in reducing greenhouse gas, we’ve been certified ISO 14001:2015.

At JPT, we know that our mission is not over yet, we still want to get to being a nett zero carbon company, but we’re happy that we’ve managed to take our first big steps ahead of time (as we see it). We’d love to push even further during the coming years and help our business grow alongside our environment.


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