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Popular Applications of JPT Products

Recycled paper cores are in growing demand in the market. The fact that these cardboard cores are more convenient, affordable and environment-friendly has made users shift their preference to this sustainable packaging solution. At Just Paper Tubes, we take pride in manufacturing categories of products covering all our customers’ needs retailers, product manufacturers, or end-users). Our quick turnover time, affordability, and professional customer service have helped us stand out in the UK market. We have products for all your application requirements including industrial cores, carpet & vinyl cores, textile cores, postal & mailing tubes, transit packaging cores, and anything beyond.

Here’s a quick look at the applications of our cardboard core products:

Industrial paper cores: As we can deal with any volume of order on any given day, our industrial paper cores can cover all of your application needs. You can order flexible film cores, vinyl wraps & carpet cores, textile cores, toilet cores, or any bespoke cores of different specifications for your industrial requirement.

High strength industrial cores
High Strength Industrial tubes

Carpet cores: JPT’s high-quality carpet cores help you organise your products during storage. A coreless carpet or vinyl flooring is always messy and takes up a lot of space at storage. Our cardboard cores of a range of specifications ensure organisation, be it at the warehouse or your retail store. Carpet cores come in handy during transportation for both manufacturers and retailers as well.

carpet tubes and carpet poles
UK made carpet cores

Textile cores: JPT has been manufacturing spiral cardboard tubes, made out of more advanced winding technology, for all your textile core needs. We understand, at the factories or other textile facilities, durability and high-performance are of paramount importance. Keeping that in mind, we’ve been manufacturing material rolls, textile tubes, sign vinyl and wraps, material packaging, curtain track, and other similar paper core items.

Postal & Mailing Tubes: The most popular application of these cardboard tubes, as the name suggests, are storage and mailing of gifts, merchandising, promotional, and other similar items. These tubes can store and transport anything that can be rolled into a tube (maps, drawings, branding materials, etc). Retail and eCommerce businesses can use postal & mailing tubes for packaging and delivery purposes.

Transit packaging cores: Having transit packaging cores for your product transportation ensures safety and retain the quality of your products. These paper cores come handy for the transportation of a number of items including wooden bedding trims, metal angle bedding, print roller, flooring trims, fishing rods, or format printing. You can also transit POS for your retailing/super shop, textile packaging from your factories to retailers and vice-versa using these paper cores.

postal tubes and stainless steel cardboard tubes
Product ready zero damage packaging cores

Flexible film cores: Flexible film cores are one of our highest selling cardboard cores. There are at least a dozen applications of these cores. Machine/ hand stretch film cores are ubiquitous for every commercial organisation, printed film cores with your company branding are used as to package any items ranging from POS to factory products. Other prominent applications are for pouches and bags cores, laminated film cores, sachets, flow wraps, and lidding film cores, etc.

Label cores and tape cores: The label cores that JPT manufactures can be used for handheld printers, digital Labels, flexi Printing, food & beverage, beer & spirits, chemical and cosmetics. Also, we provide winding tubes for the medical industry, which is in more demand during the COVID19 era. Tape cores, on the other hand, can be used as cores of different kinds of tapes as per your requirement. Our customers use these cores for PVC tapes, polythene & protection tapes, paper & masking tapes, double side tapes, and reflective tapes.

uk label cores and tape cores
Label cores and tape cores

At JPT, we take pride in covering all the requirements of our customers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for above, just reach out to us with your required specifications. We offer bespoke services with the shortest lead time. We keep our customers at the core of our business values, and to you, the customer that means fantastic customer service, price and product quality. We made over 4 million cardboard tubes in August 2020!


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