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Why Postal Tubes are Crucial in Ecommerce

Packaging, storage, and transit are crucial for e-commerce business. Unlike regular retail businesses--where customers carry a purchased product to their homes--e-commerce businesses have to take care of safe transit of products till it reaches end-users’ doors. Not just that, customers are not going to pay for any broken product, this will mean refunds along with the damage it can do to your brand image.

Like many other packaging solutions, postal paper tubes, hence, play a crucial role in e-commerce businesses. Whatever product you’re selling online, at some point in your business you’re going to need postal tubes to ensure effective order execution with your customers. Choosing the right manufacturer, thus, is a crucial decision that you wouldn’t like to repent for later on.

Uses of postal tubes in e-commerce:

There can be a countless number of uses of postal tubes in your e-commerce business. If you’re selling posters, sign vinyl & wraps, or any other large printing items, postal tubes are going to be the best packaging option for you. Apart from that, postal tubes can prove to be a great marketing aide. If you’re planning to send out gifts, merchandising, promotional, or any other similar items, you can choose postal tubes for the mailing purpose.

Storage, again, a crucial function of postal tubes. However online and paperless you go, you always have oversized documents, marketing & branding materials, signages that you need to store for later use. High-quality cardboard tubes with plastic caps ensure dust, moisture-free longer storage.

Finally, you may choose postal tubes as one of the carriers for your e-commerce products. In that case, you would need to ensure a periodical supply of high-quality paper tubes with your business logo printed on them.

Ecommerce in the UK:

There have been several market analyses and reports indicating the rise of e-commerce businesses in the UK over the years. In 2019, a report shows that the total size of the e-commerce B2C business in the UK is around £178 billion, which is 19% of the existing retail business size. COVID19 pandemic has blessed e-commerce even further, expecting to make its size 27.5% of the total UK retail business in 2020. Forecasts show there's going to be an upward trend in the years to follow.

Why choose JPT for postal tubes:

Just Paper Tubes (JPT) has been the leading cardboard tube manufacturer in the UK for several decades. Postal tubes are one of our highest selling products due to their high quality and wide range of diameters. Our 24 hours a day production capacity ensures a large number of postal tubes with least lead time at economical price tags.

postal tubes uk
Ready to ship postal tubes

We can manufacture a diameter range between 19.4 and 254 mm, with 1.5 to 15 mm standard walls and a wide range of lengths from 8 mm to 8000 mm. Due to our scale, we can also provide bespoke services, such as end-caps; fitted, stapled, or even with protective foam fittings to stop in-transit damage.

For any of your B2B or B2C e-commerce business needs, we suggest you directly reach out to us. Being the leading manufacturer of postal tubes, we can offer a price that other suppliers/merchants can’t offer. We assure, our price is going to beat your existing supplier, if you have any.


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