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Transit Packaging Cores - 7 Perfect Uses

JPT is well regarded in the cardboard packaging industries as the supplier of choice when it emerges to excellent service and consistent quality with our transit packaging cores. We manufacture packaging tubes as per our customer’s specifications with the focus being on quality. JPT produces some of the postal tubes for some of the biggest brands in the UK. We have produced and supplied over 1.6 million transit packaging tubes in 2019 with encouraging feedback from our customers.

But, due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, we are now working from our respective homes. Working from home has become a new realm for the small to large scale organisations. Businesses like JPT had to move quickly to remote working. Technology has made a crucial difference. We were a little head of the game. We saw the governments orders coming, so worked with Amazon on their AWS platform to deploy our telephones system to the cloud, Vodafone to provide 4G high speed connectivity to employees who had poor internet connection, and utilised already used platforms at JPT such as Microsoft Teams. Read more about our switch to home working here.

What did it mean? A seamless switch for our customers, meanwhile our production colleagues continued to work safely following COVID Safe based risk assessment.

We thought it would be a good time to detail what are transit packaging tubes are used for.

So, with the industry-leading production capacity, we can help you with transit packaging cores for virtually any applications.

Cardboard Postal Tubes
Postal Tubes


Packaging core plays a significant role, and you will appreciate its importance simply when you begin using our product. You can use packaging cores in many ways, and some of them are summarised below:

· Protects the curtain tracks

The proper packaging of the curtain track systems assures the safety of the curtain tracks, avoids the scratches on the tracks.

· Protecting high value fabrics in transit.

A postal tube is the perfect medium for transiting high value fabrics, rugs, linens that have been already rolled onto a core, similar to our carpet cores. We've provided solutions for some of the most famous stately homes in England.

· Transporting beading trims

If you are a wood material supplier or have a large stock of wood products, then you can keep these items inside the packaging cores.

· Ensure scratch-free and safe handling

Textile packaging contains various flexible packing materials made of textile used for packing various goods for industrial, agricultural, consumer and other goods. It ensures scratch-free and safe handling of sensitive articles.

· Transporting Stainless Steel handrails.

Its really important for these customers to not damage or scratch their long stainless handrails when in transit.

· Niche large format packaging

Large format printing-packaging enables you to target short-run and niche packaging to local retailers or speciality product manufacturers. It facilitates you to go after new markets and grow your income.

· Keep your fishing rod(s) safe

These are high value, but fragile products that usually are very long, so cardboard postal tubes are perfect for the job.

Fragile Postal Tubes
Solution to reduce your in-transit damage

We, at JPT are known for our customer service. Our customers are of the utmost importance– you are the centre of everything we do. Our committed and friendly customer service team is readily available to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it. We guarantee that our products stand out in quality and durability among our competitors.

Still, if you have any post-sale query or want us to look into any issue you’re facing with other products, our team of experts is happy to help. Feel free to send us a picture of the issue you are facing when it comes to damage in transit, or we’ll come to visit your site and get to know your business and trade better. We are confident that we’ve got the cardboard postal tubes, or high strength transit packaging cores which will work for you.


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