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A ray of sunshine during these rainy days

Certificated to the ISO14001:2015 standard we, at Just Paper Tubes Ltd, a dedicated, dynamic & driven Company, are continually monitoring our environmental footprint. We never let up & adopt a continuous improvement strategy. Everyone at Just Paper Tubes Ltd is like -minded.

A few years ago we not only just decided to invest in solar photo-voltaic panels but in bio-mass heat generation as well which meant that we could totally dispense with the former oil-powered heating with its excessive fossil fuel usage & its resultant Co2 emissions. The bio-mass heating plant not only provides the necessary heating for both the factory & offices but also for our new massive cardboard core & tube drying unit which has somewhat revolutionized our production lead times.

Back in May, we called for a Green Covid-19 recovery and we wanted to share some of our statistics and initiatives over the last month:

During the magnificent sunny period during May our solar panels managed to generate more than 40% of our own electricity consumption, whilst also supplying back into the grid, & considering that we have managed to keep on running at close to our pre-Covid-19 capacity during the period then that’s not bad going. June may prove to be a little different from the electricity generation aspect, one can hardly call it “flaming”, only time will tell on that one!

In our dedicated pursuit of a reduced carbon footprint we have also now opted for a “blue-business energy” tariff for our essential top-up electricity usage, obviously our solar panels do not generate electricity during the night which is continually one of our peak production times.

This particular tariff means that the electricity that we actually have to import is sourced from a range of low carbon, renewable & other means of generation resulting in net CO2 emissions of ZERO. This option is more expensive but we feel that it is the right thing to do, It means that we will reduce our CO2 emissions linked to electricity from 135MT per year, to 0! That’s equivalent to 20 round trips from the UK to New Zealand.


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