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Printed Film Cores

We take pride in being among the most trusted names in the market of plain & printed film cores accessible on hand for near immediate re-cutting according to your to your required sizes, available in all thickness and core diameter ranges. We believe in supplying core manufactured with highest precision cuts and dust free finishing cores to our customers in the shortest time window possible.

Printed Film cores, as the name suggests, are used to customers who need these cores to wrap films or papers on them. Whether you are independent film manufacturer or a large scale product manufacturer who needs film wrapping for your product, we understand that the cores need to be smooth enough to wind onto and remove it once your work is complete. And this is exactly why Just Paper Tubes gives special attention to give the cores a fine blade cut with no burr so that they are easy to mount and unmount.

And that’s not all; we ensure a smooth finishing on the cores so that films are not subjected to accidental creasing, wrinkling and tear. Maintaining a good name requires every business owner to deliver products and services of excellent quality. We leave no stone unturned in offering you excellent quality printed film cores for wrapping your films.

While manufacturing these printed film cores, we make sure they are able to withstand massive pressure exerted on them due to tightly wrapped films on them. This is where blade cutting comes into picture. We don’t want to bore you with the details; we just want to assure you that our cores are a perfect match for your business.

But you don’t have to go by our words, our quality speaks for us. Give us a call today; we’d love to be at your service.


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