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Shattering Industry Norms: Just Paper Tubes Ltd Puts Customers First

Defying Conventional MOQs in the Cardboard Tubes and Paper Cores Industry

Just Paper Tubes Ltd (JPT) stands as a pioneering force in the UK's packaging solutions sector. Established in 1987, JPT's enduring commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and exceptional quality remains its guiding star. As a result, the company has carved out a name for itself as a reliable and flexible supplier of cardboard tubes and paper cores.

However, what truly sets JPT apart from the competition is its unique business model that eschews a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). But before we delve into the many benefits of this distinctive approach, let's reflect briefly on the impressive history of Just Paper Tubes Ltd.

Various Cardboard Tubes

A Journey Through Time with Just Paper Tubes Ltd

Founded in Yorkshire in 1987, JPT was brought to life with a vision to offer unrivalled packaging solutions. Steered by a mission to deliver top-notch products and extraordinary customer service, the company grew from strength to strength. Today, JPT is an established industry partner, offering custom solutions to diverse sectors, including textiles, film, and tape.

Powering JPT's ongoing success is an experienced workforce and cutting-edge machinery, working in unison to drive consistent growth.

No MOQs: A Philosophy That Puts Customers at the Centre

The groundbreaking aspect of JPT's business model is their firm stand against the industry norm of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). By allowing customers to order precisely what they need, JPT offers a host of compelling benefits:

  1. Less Overstock: JPT ensures businesses only order what's needed, leading to better inventory management without excess stock.

  2. Improved Cash Flow: By eliminating the need for surplus stock, businesses enjoy improved cash flow and financial flexibility.

  3. Lower Business Risks: Free from MOQs, businesses can test the waters with smaller orders before committing to larger quantities.

  4. Greater Customisation Opportunities: The absence of MOQs allows for greater product customisation, catering to unique business requirements.

To make this model work, JPT combines technologically advanced production facilities with a streamlined Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system. This, coupled with a commitment to 24-hour production, ensures small orders and rapid production changeovers are handled with ease.

By placing customer needs first, JPT continues to push the boundaries in the cardboard tubes and paper cores industry.

As we navigate further into the 21st century, JPT's customer-centric ethos is set to shape the future of the packaging industry. Their bold approach demonstrates how straying from the status quo can yield impressive success.

So, ask yourself this: does your label cores supplier insist you order at least 5000 of one size? Or does your carpet cores supplier demand a full truckload with at least 1 week's notice? Really!? In an age where flexibility and responsiveness are key, isn't it time for a change? Come on... The world of cardboard tubes and paper cores deserves a more innovative approach, and JPT is leading the way.


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