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Just Paper Tubes- Provider of Unmatched Paper Tubes and Cores

There are many industries that rely on paper tubes and cores for their business. For instance, industries like label cores, tape cores, flexible films, foil paper, for carpet rolling and many more. Certainly, the needs of all these industries vary to the large extent. Some need small paper cores and other need large tube paper cores. Regardless of your needs, Just Paper Tubes have got you covered.

There are many sorts of paper tubes available that are used in a wide assortment of industries. But if you are looking for high-quality one that no one can beat the quality standards of Just Paper Tubes. JPT is one of the leading cardboard cores and tubes providers that give more preference to quality and service. No matter what size of cardboard cores, paper tubes or cardboard tubes you are looking for, whether it is bespoke small MOQ’s or bulk orders. For years, JPT has been serving clients and catering to their needs of cores and tubes.

Just Paper Tubes is one of the leading manufactures of cardboard tubes, paper tubes, and cardboard cores. With their unmatched quality products, JPT supply some of the largest label and tape companies in the country, along with a strong presence in the carpet tubes company.

Here is what makes them a leading manufacturer and supplier in the U.K.

Understanding of client’s requirement

JPT team make sure to understand their client’s requirements. Regardless of the quantity, their clients are looking for, they are ready with their huge stocks of cardboard tubes and master cardboard cores. From taking the order to deliver your stock will happen in hours, not days.

Round the Clock services

Every job is equal for them. Whether you need urgent cores and tubes to complete your order or need bulk products, they work round the clock with an efficient turnaround. JPT’s 24-hour operation allows us turnaround orders much quicker than any other cardboard tube manufacturer.

Own Transport Fleet

Timely delivery is one of the most important things on which a business impression lies. Luckily, here also, Just Paper Tubes are industry leaders. They have their own transport fleet that means there is no delay in delivering products to the customers throughout the UK. We have contracts with multiple transport companies and we can even give you a GPS tracked 1-hour delivery window.

ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

Many businesses make large claims but Just Paper Tubes sell themselves on high quality. Mainly, their services are the perfect blend of quality and efficiency. They use dedicated and advanced production lines, that make them a reliable paper core manufacturer and supplier. This is all backed up by their ISO certifications for high levels of quality and environmental control.

Just Paper Tubes was established in 1987 and since then it is providing quality products to the customers all across the UK. Whether you are looking for industrial cores, cardboard cores, and cardboard tubes, JPT is a one-stop destination to get these products in bulk. They provide cutting-edge production and supply ensuring that their customers will get the best products without breaking their bank.


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