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Job Vacancies @ JPT

Just Paper Tubes (JPT) are really excited to announce that we are recruiting again, this is to match and keep up with our growth plans for 2021.

About Just Paper Tubes:

Just Paper Tubes has been a leading cardboard tubes manufacturing company, operating for over 33 years. We produce 60+ million cardboard cores a year, which are used as carpet cores, postal cores, industrial cores and label cores. Based in Yorkshire, JPT has an advantage of being close to major road networks, thus giving us easy access to the whole of the UK. JPT is ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) certified.

Our Products:

At JPT, we manufacture a wide range of products such as:

· Industrial cores

· Carpet cores

· Textile cores

· Bespoke products

· Postal and Mailing tubes

· Transit Packaging cores

· Flexible film cores

· Label cores

· Tape cores

Our History:

The JPT business partnership commenced on 1st November 1987 in Thorne, South Yorkshire with only one production line. Over the years, our business has seen immense growth and expansion.

In 2011, we partnered with Eberle, a machine manufacturer to access the latest technological advances. Also, in 2014, we increased our focus on going green by installing a 100KW solar power generator and replacing all oil heating systems on site with a new biomass plant. In 2018 we quadrupled our warehousing capacity

This year, we have continued to remain open 24 hours during the COVID-19 pandemic, making tubes for : Face-masks, testing kits, pharmaceutical drugs, Food labels and vaccine development. In Summer 2020 we have invested in technology to allow us to be UK market leaders when it comes to production quality.

Our Core Values:

The customer matters most: You are the focus of everything we do. Our dedicated, friendly customer service team is on hand to provide you with exactly what you want, when you want it.

Quality and reliability: We believe in delivering the highest quality products, swiftly and efficiently, to meet our customers’ demands and support their business needs.

The competitive edge: The desire to be the best at what we do drives us. With our processes, procedures and pricing we can offer our customers premium products at competitive rates.

Jobs at JPT:

COVID-19 may have disrupted the job market, but we at Just Paper Tubes are still recruiting! If you'd like to work for an employee orientated, customer focused business, please do apply.

Job role:

Level 1 Machine Operator

Job Type:

Full-time, Permanent


£8.72 per hour


Flexible shift pattern based on company’s requirements (approximately 37.5-45 hours per week). Rotational shift (AM/PM, 6:30am and 2pm starts)

Purpose of the job:

To support the manufacturing operation by carrying out manual handling tasks which include running of machines and recording productions within the manufacturing system. You will be based either in a factory or a warehouse and will be spending most of your time sitting or standing at a production line or machine.

Main Tasks of the job include:

  • Reloading machines with WIP “Work in Progress”

  • Operating machines by setting dimensions, number of products in a box.

  • Manual Handling Tasks – Boxing & Palletising products, Shrink Wrapping Pallets.

  • Value Added Tasks – Applying packaging requirements to orders.

  • Housekeeping – Ensuring the work centres are clean and waste is recycled.

  • Carrying out processes with the computerised Manufacturing System.

  • Activities not directly mentioned above but are required to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Full training will be provided.


  • Ability to carry out repetitive tasks quickly and carefully

  • Good practical skills

  • Ability to follow instructions

  • A reasonable level of fitness

  • Basic Reading, Writing & Maths Skills.

  • An awareness of safety issues.

Do you consider yourself the right fit for this position?

Whats it like to work at JPT?

cardboard tubes team
Join our team!

Employee Experience:

During an interview, Logistics Manager Richard Singh, gave us an account of his experience working at Just Paper Tubes.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the company?


My name is Richard Singh and I’m the Logistics Manager at Just Paper Tubes, where I’ve been an employee for 23 years. In this time, I’ve witnessed our site expand twice, both in 1998; when the production site was increased from 750m2 to 2000m2, and 2017, with a new finished good warehouse. Both had a massive implication on how we operate as well as allowing us to expand our work force and product range. Question:

Can you briefly describe your experience working at JPT and the challenges that you faced there?


Back in June 1997, my first day at work coincided with the arrival of JPT’s first ever automatic recut machine. Back then, it was only the owners and supervisors in the office. So, when the installation of the new machine initially proved to be complex, it resulted in me being very much thrown in at the deep end with regards to manning the phones and fax in the office.


What is your opinion about employee training at JPT?


Looking back, it was the perfect way to start, as I quickly learnt the job, while constantly being given advice and training when needed. The latter is very much the same at JPT now, as employees are given the right training and tools to grow, as well as encouraged to ask questions and use their initiative. This results in being better skilled at the job, resulting in promotions when the opportunity arises. Question:

What according to you is the best thing about working at JPT?


JPT has always been a very supportive employer, and the balance between work and family confirms that. In the past, JPT has helped me on numerous occasions when I have had family issues. Likewise, my family knows that the job I do means that I need to be contactable out of office hours, which isn’t a problem. A great advantage is the fact that we don’t work weekends. So, a busy working week is always complemented by being able to have a busy family weekend, which works great. Question:

What makes JPT unique from its competitors?


Our core values give us many advantages over our competitors, but one that sets us apart is our quick leads times. We have literally had an order come in at 5pm, and it has been delivered to the customer the very next day. This could pose an impossible challenge for some, but as a result of great communication and years of experience, it is very rare that we cannot offer the customer a solution to their requirements. Question:

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the company business?


COVID-19 has had a massive effect on all of us, and I’m extremely proud of the way we have dealt with it as a company. We are a major supplier to the food and pharmaceutical industries, and as a result, we have operated at full capacity throughout this period.


What steps have been taken by the company to keep the staff safe during the pandemic?


During this time, we have been very quick to react to government guidance. But most importantly, we have been extremely proactive in introducing new procedures that have put the safety of our staff first. This is a indeed a great peace of mind for both the employees and their families. Awards:

In 2019, JPT was nominated as Selby and Ainsty Constituency Responsible Business Champions by the “All Party Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group” in the UK Parliament.

award winning paper tubes
Award winning cardboard tube manufacturer

At JPT, there is definitely an opportunity to progress through the business. Over the past 30 years, all our senior managers who started "on the shop floor" have progressed into high level management roles – it’s something we are really good at!


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