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Carpet tubes, vinyl flooring cores & artificial grass cores

Customers when choosing their carpet or vinyl flooring will doubtlessly not give a moment’s thought to how it’s going to be produced, handled & transported.

We are one of the largest & most successful manufacturers of cores & tubes in the UK & at Just Paper tubes Limited, have the complete range of flooring cores covered !

Just Paper Tubes Limited manufactures & supplies all kinds of cores & tubes from the extremely thick & durable to the thinnest possible to suit all purposes including those most expensive carpets made from the finest silk, yak wool, 80% wool/20% man-made fibre, bespoke carpet & rug manufacturers to the cheaper polyester types.

Carpet production in the UK is still a buoyant industry & not only do we provide cores for those manufacturers still producing in the UK but also for the importer / distributors who are importing flooring on master rolls & then market & distribute on bespoke cut-to-length rolls direct to shops or, now, individuals via the internet.

Artificial Grass - A market that really is growing!

Such distributors have now not only just seized the opportunities for carpet & vinyl flooring but for artificial grass as well. Climate change & those awful scorched lawns in summer are making households switch to the largely maintenance-free permanently green artificial grass, all of which is despatched on our cardboard cores !

JPT can supply carpet cores in stillages if required

There is rightly much emphasis on chains-of-custody & recycling at the moment, be assured…..all of our cores are produced within our own ISO9001 factory with the ISO14001 environmental standard as well !

All of our carpet, vinyl flooring & artificial grass cores & tubes are made from 100% recycled fibreboard & are fully recyclable !

Our Customer service is legendary………..just give us a call ! We are aware that carpet, vinyl and artificial grass manufacturers have had price increases of 8%-10% imposed on them in recent weeks. Lets see if we can match your current price?

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