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31 October No Deal? No Cardboard Tubes? Brexit @ JPT

As we swelter through summer and June turns into July, the country is wrapped up in what could be the BREXIT outcome depending on whether Boris Johnson or Jeremey Hunt win the Conservative Party Leadership contest.

Boris has pledged to get the UK “Match fit for no deal” to ensure the UK can leave the EU on the 31st October “come what may”, and he keeps stressing that the Halloween deadline was real and “not fake” at hustings across the country. Meanwhile, The Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has set the 30th of September as the “No-deal deadline” where he would plan to make a decision on whether to go for the “no deal” option.

Brexit protestors with EU and UK flags
What will Halloween bring?

So what does this mean in the world of cardboard tubes and paper cores? Well, at Just Paper Tubes we took the threat of NO DEAL Brexit seriously and we didn’t bury our heads in the sands. In March we implemented our extensive BREXIT plan which included us turning on supply from outside the EU. We have continued to keep up the sourcing strategy for our paper tubes and cores. This means that on the 31st of October 2019, deal or no deal, we will still be able to supply your label cores, or carpet tubes. By increasing our sourcing partners for coreboard, we have reduced our reliance on key ports such as Dover and are utilising North-western Sea ports which do not face the same flow of EU-UK traffic.

We will continue to update our cardboard tube customers on our BREXIT preparations and give advice about stock holding, however, as it stands we recommend you order as per normal, we have been operating our NO DEAL plan since March and the new supply routes are working well. So the JPT advice regards cardboard tubes is …. Sit back enjoy the summer heatwaves as we have got you covered for whatever fright might come on Halloween, whoever is in Number 10 !

In the words of Boris…. JPT is definitely “Match fit for no deal”. 😊

If you’d like more information about cardboard tube supply during BREXIT or you want to move your paper core supply to JPT, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either via live chat, email, our website or… even Whatsapp!


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